Cross Extended v1.0: PSP info plugin

PSP homebrew - Image 1 Here’s another plugin for PSP owners who want to know all the ins and outs of their handheld: Cross Extended, a prx that displays detailed system info about the PSP ranging from firmware to battery status. It also takes screenshots. More in the full article.

Download: Cross Extended v1.0

Cross Extended v1.0 - Image 1

Want to know more about your PSP? PSP homebrew developer Nefarious has released Cross Extended, a plugin that provides detailed system information about your PSP.

The prx displays everything from what firmware version you’re running to how hot your PSP’s battery is. Best of all, you can view all this data even when you’re in the middle of playing a game. Check out the screenshot up top for a better look at the info Cross Extended shows. Cross Extended also allows users to take screenshots.

Version 1.0 of Cross Extended is available for download below. Be sure to check the readme file included in the download for installation and usage instructions before installing this plugin.

Download: Cross Extended v1.0

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