Dark AleX explains why PSP TA-088 v3 cannot be hacked yet

Dark AleX - Image 1What better way to start the week than to hear some words from Dark AleX himself, yes? Today, DAX explains to us why the new PSP TA-088 v3 motherboards can’t be hacked just yet. Mostly, it involves some IPL checking and mysterious code that Sony‘s put into the security system. See Dark AleX’s explanation in the full article, complete with a step-by-step flowchart!

Well now, here’s a nice way to start the week: Dark AleX has explained to everyone how and why the TA-088 PSP motherboard can’t be hacked just yet. In a nutshell, here’s the deal:

Dark AleX's TA-088 flowchart - Image 1

Now in a slightly more expanded nutshell, here’s the flowchart in paragraph form: see, TA-088 is bolstered with a couple of security checks that center around the boot code. It is this code (also sometimes referred to as the pre-IPL or IPL loader) in the new Slim motherboards that makes it almost virtually impossible to hack. In the simplest way that DAX could explain it:

basically, all security of newest psp cpu’s rely on the secrecy of the calculation of those 0x20 bytes. If pre-ipl were dumped somehow, the security would go down TOTALLY.

The “0x20 bytes” that he refers to here are currently unknown. And since that’s the case, the new motherboards don’t allow any downgrading below FW 4.00 because “these new CPUs won’t be able to boot previous firmwares’ IPLs.”

If you want to know more about the specific nuts and bolts of DAX’s full explanation, you can always check out the Via link below (caution: PSP coding jargon ahead!).

Thanks to tipster Fadil for the heads up!

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