Deadly Creatures gameplay details unearthed

Deadly Creatures thumb - Image 1Make no mistake: Deadly Creatures is not another Endless Ocean. It’s no wildlife simulation, but more of an action game which features a tarantula and a scorpion with enough fighting moves to fend off predators. Their journey is long, and since it all begins after the first step, waste no time – pounce at the full article!

Deadly Creatures screenshot - Image 1We know little about THQ and developer Rainbow Studios‘ intriguing game for the Nintendo Wii, titled Deadly Creatures, but Nintendo Power fortunately was able to shed light on this prey versus predator offering on the white hot console.

The magazine reconfirmed that a tarantula and a scorpion will star in Deadly Creatures. Their playground will be interconnected large areas which reward players new skills during navigation. Of course, being a survival horror/action adventure hybrid, it’s not all about exploration.

Across 10 chapters, the tarantula and scorpion must survive predators in hostile environments. Much like ninjas, the deadly spider has a few tricks up its sleeves – it can cripple enemies with its web, deal damage with a pounce attack, or grapple for the kill using the Wii Remote’s pointer.

Meanwhile, the “tank” scorpion has powerful pincers that can be moved by pressing the Z and B buttons, together with a dangerous tail which can attack by swinging the Wii Remote sideways or sting by thrusting the controller. Activating both pincers at the same time can initiate foe-specific finishing moves, the C button tells the scorpion to block, and the A button is for lock-on – similar to control setups you’d find in other action games.

Deadly Creatures‘ lead designer explained that this unique idea for a Wii entry was inspired by a dream back in late 2006, when he found himself playing a snake using the Wiimote. A couple of years later, before the holiday of 2008 to be exact, his dream is about to become reality.

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