DS homebrew – Anguna: Warriors of Virtue

DS homebrew - Image 1Take a stroll down memory lane – back when adventure titles were simple to play and simply to understand. This game is strongly reminiscent of the old Ocarina of Time and some of old Enix’s first adventure titles on SNES. Get it for your Nintendo DS right here.

Download: Anguna DS 1.01

Anguna - Image 1Feeling nostalgic for some oldschool adventure gaming? Put away your consoles and sit down with your DS. It’s short but exciting, with five dungeons and one huge overworld to explore – find many hidden rooms and powerups in them! Secrets can be found by killing all enemies in rooms, or by walking through certain walls.

Be prepared and arm yourself with medieval weapons, such as swords and bows, and even modern equipment, like bear traps and dynamite. Simply push A to attack, B for the secondary item, X/Y to switch secondary items. Start pauses like always, then select is for the save menu.

Anyway, here’s the most recent changelog:

  • The bottom screen is used for inventory, enemy info, map, etc
  • New title menu graphics
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes, minor map tweaks, etc

Download: Anguna DS 1.01

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