FF heroes vs. villains: Dissidia poster scan

Dissidia - Image 1It’s one hell of a sight! The Final Fantasy Union got a scan of this Dissidia: Final Fantasy poster from V Jump Magazine, featuring some of the most popular heroes and villains from the Final Fantasy series. Check the high-profile matchups and the great scan in the full article.

It’s epic good vs. evil right here! See your favorite Final Fantasy matchups in this Dissidia: Final Fantasy scan from V Jump magazine, brought to us by the Final Fantasy Union. Heroes and villains from the first ten Final Fantasy titles are all here – see if you can recognize them.

Dissidia Poster - Image 1

Thanks to heiwa_ryu for pointing this out: for the FFIV representatives, that’s Cecil up there, in his Dark Knight getup, while the bad guy across is Golbez. For FFX, that ought to be Jecht, minus all the Sin blubber. Anyway, the gang’s all here, see if you can recognize them all.

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