Funracing v2.1 – PSP port of Windows racing game

Funracing v2.1 - PSP port of Windows racing game - Image 1If you’ve loved Reflexive Arcade’s Mad Cars, then Funracing might be a nice little addition to your love of top-down racing. French homebrew coder shadow77340, definitely not a stranger to homebrew game development, has ported the original Windows game by Clement S. over to the Sony PSP (Slim included).

The current release, version 2.1, is a minor step up from Clement S.’ latest 2.0 release for Microsoft Windows. The racing game carries a wealth of functionality, with some additions coming from the dev shadow77340.

Funracing v2.1 - PSP port of Windows racing game - Image 1Funracing version 2.1 is a port of Clement S.’ original racing game for Microsoft Windows by homebrew developer shadow77340 (PSPKB). Over to Sony‘s PlayStation Portable, the homebrew racing game adopted a new control scheme, FMOD implementation for sound, and some special features unique to this 2.0-PSP and PSP Slim port. Allow us to iterate that again: this game is compatible with both the Phat and Slim.

So Funracing version 2.1 picked up the following augmentations from Clement S.’ version, including:

  • Overall game design improvement
  • Minor bug fixes
  • The addition of sound engine and accompanying effects
  • More racing circuits
  • Enhanced collision detection

Of course being a coder (and a 14-year-old one at that), shadow77340 made a few self-contributions, which would include campaign progression (circuits added from 2.0 will now be played in specific order), an in-game notification if the player reached a set checkpoint, and screenshot capability while within the championship mode.

To get better acquainted with the game, shadow33740 advises PSP users to course through the bundled Readme for more information. We’ll advise you that the documentation is entirely in French, so you might want to have a “babelizer” handy. Source code is included with the archive, and would-be coders must review the bundled License file before getting dirty with code.

Download: Funracing v2.1 with source code

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