Hook, line, sinker: Umihara Kawase PSP announced, screens, website

PSP - Umihara Kawase - Image 1 Marvelous Interactive has announced that a PSP version of Umihara Kawase will be released in Japan next year. They’ve got a website up and the first couple of screens released.

Already, we’re hoping that North America gets a port of this gem in the future. For those who aren’t familiar with the cult classic, more details behind the link, as well as a video demonstrating what the gameplay is like.

One of the obscure titles released in Japan – and got a bit of cult following in the US via import – is Umihara Kawase. Marvelous Interactive has announced that a handheld version for the PSP will be the next installment in the series which dates back to 1994 on the Super Famicom, and became even more popular when the PSOne version got released.

For those who’ve never heard of Umihara Kawase (designed and illustrated by one Toshinobu Kondo), it’s a platformer game that’s split into various levels – in this game, they’re called “fields”. Your goal is basically to head to the door in each field to progress further in.

The interesting part of the game play comes in the form of your fishing line that you can use to dispatch enemies and more importantly swing from platform to platform. Yeah, think Tarzan, only… it’s a little school girl with a reddish pink rucksack.

From what we can see in the screens for the upcoming PSP version of Umihara Kawase, the gameplay element seems to be intact. Here’s to hoping that North America gets a port of this gem in the future. As for Japan, the release is scheduled sometime next year.

PSP - Umihara Kawase - Image 1PSP - Umihara Kawase - Image 2PSP - Umihara Kawase - Image 3
PSP - Umihara Kawase - Image 4PSP - Umihara Kawase - Image 5

The game became pretty popular, especially for those who were into speedruns. To give you an idea of the gameplay, we’ve posted a YouTube vid of badlose’s play through of the SNES version of the game.

You can check out Marvelous Interactive’s official website for the PSP version here.

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