Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days playable at Jump Festa 2008

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days - Image 1Not long after announcing Final Fantasy Dissidia‘s playable demo available at Jump Festa 2008, Square Enix just revealed that Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days will also join the event in demo form. Details await at the full article!

Kingdom Hearts' Roxas - Image 1From the looks of it, Jump Festa 2008 will be a great start for the upcoming year and a statement to us gamers that a lot of good things are waiting. Among Square Enix‘ offerings is Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for the Nintendo DS, and it will be playable at the event.

Squeenix recently released its line-up of titles for Jump Festa, revealing plenty of closed theater trailers. What the announcement did miss to mention is the appearance of Kingdom Hearts on the Nintendo handheld’s playable demo. If you head over to the company’s Japanese website, you’ll find Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days‘ page updated.

After hearing about Final Fantasy Dissidia‘s demo just before this update, we can’t help but be optimistic about what’s next. Square Enix is going to showcase other widely anticipated titles like Star Ocean: First Departure, Front Mission 2009: Border of Madness, and the Final Fantasy XIII incarnations that make up Fabula Nova Crystallis – here’s to hoping we can play those, too.

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