Lifestreaming: Square Enix wants simultaneous worldwide releases

Square Enix wants simultaneous worldwide releases - Image 1Final Fantasy 7 flower girl Aeris always did want world peace. And amidst all the complaints of how Japan would nearly always get things first – *cough* Crisis Core *cough* – Yoichi Wada is now trying to make ends meet. The Square Enix CEO expressed his desire of aiming for simultaneous worldwide releases from now on. Follow the lifestream and flow into the full article for more details.

Aeris wants world peace - Image 1

Always look to Aeris if you want world peace. Amidst all the complaints from RPG fans in US and Europe of how Japan always gets things first (settle down, folks; Crisis Core is coming in just a few more days!), Square Enix is now making a move to have worldwide simultaneous releases for their games.

Yoichi Wada expressed this goal of theirs to Japan’s Nihon Keizan Shimbun, saying that Square Enix will be “making simultaneous releases the norm” from this point on. This bodes well, especially after Wada’s consideration of expanding their development studios to Western regions as well as reassessing their partnership with Microsoft.

Unfortunately, it remains unsaid as to what specific games in their pipeline will be having a worldwide simultaneous release. Maybe Final Fantasy 13 for the PS3 or Dragon Quest 9 for the DS? Square Enix seems to be putting those two in their priority lists – even though specific release dates haven’t even been revealed yet.

Who knows? While chances of seeing them roll out within the year are slim, we can still hope for a simultaneous release for when these games come out in the future.

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