Maple Story players get 4th job class and more goodies

The maple leaf motif of Maple Story - Image 1One of the compelling features of most MMORPGs is the ability to play as a variety of character or job classes – the more classes to play around with, the better. In Maple Story, Nexon America has upped the ante with a fourth job class and, on top of that, other goodies for more enjoyable Maple Story play.

Interesting facts, to be sure, but why stick with the bare bones information when you can have the full details after the jump!

Maple Story gets 4th job class - Image 1If three is good, then four must be better, especially if it concerns the number of available job classes in Nexon America’s MMORPG, Maple Story.

A fourth job class isn’t the only new feature that Nexon America has thrown into the Maple Story mix – players also get the town of Leafre, Maple Story Mounts and an enhanced user interface.

Players looking for added depth and complexity in their game may strive for the fourth job class, which is representative of an elite tier of classes. The rigorous requirements of characters’ previous three jobs must first be met before players can advance.

Combat, item organization, and travel have been made easier with a new hit point meter and automatic item organizer and world map, respectively. If those weren’t enough to satisfy Maple Story enthusiasts, high level (level 100+) Maple Story players may also visit the town of Leafre, where they may find upgrades and more powerful weapons to take on the fearsome monsters located in the vicinity. While exploring, players level 70 and above may ride their loyal steeds (read: wild hogs, dragons and the like) for ease of travel.

That seemed like a mouthful, but note that Nexon America has more updates planned for Maple Story in the future. Stay tuned for more updates as we get them!

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