Modder uses broken Xbox 360 as CPU shell

Xbox 360 - Image 1Tired of sending your Xbox 360 console back to Microsoft? A modder has a good idea of making a broken Xbox 360 useful: modding it into a PC case. Check out the video to see the sweet-looking Xbox 360 PC.

If you own an Xbox 360 and are one of those who are unfortunate enough to have to send their consoles to Microsoft several times due to the Red Ring of Death, then you may want to do this to your Xbox 360 console if you’re tired of going through the repairing process all over again: modding and using the broken 360 as a CPU shell.

A modder who had a broken Xbox 360 as a paperweight decided to make good use of it, and gutted it out to use it as a functional PC. The Xbox 360 PC mod is powered by an Intel P4 processor, juiced up with 512MB of memory, 60GB HDD, and has 8 USB ports.

What’s remarkable about this project is that the modder managed to make use of the existing power button, USB and other ports, and avoided making too much changes on the exterior (with the exception of the fan). Do check out the video below for more modded Xbox 360 goodness. Enjoy!

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