prxutility v5.0: updated M33 compatibility, huge additions, changes, fixes

PSP XMB - Image 1It’s been a while since the last version of prxutility – that homebrew  plugin known for being everything you need for system info, and then some. With roughly around four months of no updates, you can expect huge changes in this release. The biggest of which is 5.0-M33 compatibility.

Download: prxutility v5.0
Visit: QJ.NET PSP development forums

PRXutility - Image 1

It’s been a while since the last version of prxutility. With roughly around four months of no updates, you can expect huge changes in this release, prxutility v5.0.

The biggest of which is 5.0-M33 compatibility – others involve fixes and additions to this helpful plugin to extract some info about your system. To give you a recap of what it does, here’s some words from PSPflashsystem:

This prx allows you to know several information about your battery (time left, charge level, temperature, voltage, ac adapter, …) , cpu/bus speed, your mac adress, the motherboard model of your psp…

prxutility++ also allows you to shutdown, reboot or sleep your psp, to set brightness to maximum (or minimum)…

Now for that hefty changelog.

  • Code optimized
  • Compatibilty with 4.01 M33 and 5.00 M33
  • Changing location and configuration file name that allows you tu customize the two buttons to quit or display menus : now present in “ms0:/SEPLUGINS/prxutility++/configuration/prxutility++.ini”

Changes at features adding :

  • Reduce gradually backlight
  • Increase gradually backlight
  • Reduce CPU/BUS speed (following all values in vshmenu)
  • Increase CPU/BUS speed (following all values in vshmenu)
  • 2 modes integrated : “Preserving PSP Battery”
    • When you active Hold : CPU and BUS speed becomes 65/28 MHz, and PSP screen is turned off, Back light desactivated and buttons blocked
    • With a buttons combo(here NOTE + START): CPU and bus speed becomes 65/28 MHz, PSP screen is turned off, backlight desactivated but Ability to use XMB for listening musics and preserve your battery…
  • Ability to customize your PSP (5.00 M33 and higher) by Memory Stick whithout modificate Flash0.
    • Compatible Files for now:
      • opening_plugin.rco;
      • topmenu_plugin.rco;
      • topmenu_icon.rco;
      • osk_utility.rco;
      • osk_plugin_500.rco;if you are in 5.00 M33
      • impose_plugin.rco;
      • sysconf_plugin.rco;
      • system_plugin.rco;
      • system_plugin_fg.rco;
      • gameboot.pmf;
    • Tutorial :
      • Create a folder named “theme” at the root of Memory Stick
      • Put theme files(only those are compatible :))in this folder;
    • prxutility++ check if files are present at PSP Boot to avoid bugs
  • If you are in 4.01 M33 you can use this functionality but not put the file ” osk_plugin_500.rco ” in the dir ” theme ” because PSP can freeze and crash

Changes in information menu:

  • prxutility++ now detect almost motherboards
    • TA-079 v1
    • TA-079 v2
    • TA-079 v3
    • TA-081
    • TA-082
    • TA-086
    • TA-085 v1
    • TA-085 v2
    • TA-088 v1
  • Display if you have Fat or Slim model
  • Display your PSP tachyon model in hexadecimal
  • Display your PSP baryon model in hexadecimal
  • Integration of a button tester with the hexadecimal value of the pressed button and his name
  • Display X positition of the analog
  • Display Y positition of the analog
  • All informations are in real time 🙂

Changes in module “batalert”:

  • Now between 0 % and 5 % there is a visual alert which blinking and informs you about the charge level of your battery

New menu : Configuration menu

  • Ability to adjust blinking speed in seconds following battery level
    • between 30 and 20%;
    • between 20 and 10%;
    • between 10 and 5%;
    • between 5 and 0%;
  • Ability to change language of prxutility++ (who affects configuration menu and help menu but for now not the information menu)
  • Ability to delete the history and authentification informations of Web Brower
  • Ability to change the two buttons to exit or display the menu by modifying the file pspflashsystem.ini (located in “ms0:/SEPLUGINS/prxutility++/configuration/prxutility++.ini”)
  • Display Memory Stick’s Free Space
  • Information about User Partition’s memory
  • Information about kernel Partition’s memory
  • When you’re in this menu, buttons are blocked for a more confortable navigation in the configuration menu

Changes in graphics:

  • High improvent of the font (thanks to Darko79 for his header and for helping)
  • The title (prxutility++…) “blink” now
  • The configuration menu is framed for a better readability

Bugs Fixes:

  • If we hold SCREEN button the PSP doesn’t freeze now
  • Now when the backlight is desactivated the information menu exits automatically to not overload PSP’s memoryP
  • Menus and features run faster now
  • prxutility++ check, to prevent bugs, if traduction and customisation files are present in their respectives folders
  • Ability to use a single customizable button to display menus(for more informations, read prxutility++.ini)

Told you it was a long one. Make sure you check out the installation instructions in the readme (you might need a translator).

Download: prxutility v5.0
Visit: QJ.NET PSP development forums

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