PSP homebrew – Blobby Volley

Blobby Volley - Image 1No, you’re not seeing things, those colorful little blobs are playing volleyball. For those who’ve seen them before, you can get them for your PSP. Get all the blobby details for Blobby Volley in the full article.

Download: Blobby Volley

A similar project has already been released on the PSP, but you get to play against AI in this one. The AI isn’t very good, but it’s better than having no one to play with, and it’ll help newbie blobby players learn the game.

It’s surprisingly addictive, with only two bouncing blobs to bounce a volley back and forth. Devs won’t be devoting much time on it though, so feel free to modify the code and improve the game as you see fit.

Blobby Volley - Image 1Blobby Volley - Image 2

Blobby Volley - Image 1 Blobby Volley - Image 2 Blobby Volley - Image 3 

Download: Blobby Volley

Via PSPGen Forums

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