PSP-3000 release details for UK: dates, bundles, Slim pricecuts

PSP-3000 bundle - Image 1Ever since we got confirmation at Leipzig 2008 of the PSP-3000 (the PSP Slim’s brighter and more vocal younger brother), a lot of bundles and packs have been announced for its coming release. More so, there’s different dates and prices for different regions. Today we get some follow-up clarification for the PSP-3000’s release in the UK, as well as other friendly reminders from David Reeves (i.e. the PSP-2000 pricecuts!). Check the full article to get your fact sheets straight.

PSP-3000 - Image 1

Back at Leipzig when the PSP-3000 was confirmed and announced for release, we heard that it will be launching, to quote the previous post, “on October 15 in PAL territories, tagged at EUR 199 (US$ 292).” This bit of information, however, refers to the Silver PSP-3000 Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters Entertainment Pack.

Now, as Sony‘s clarified with Eurogamer, those hoping to get the PSP Slim & Brite – as it’s now commonly dubbed as – will be getting it in the UK come October 17 for GBP 149.99 (US$ 266). This October 17 release will then be followed in November by the Piano Black PSP-3000 Everyday Shooter Entertainment Pack.

We also learn from Eurogamer that David Reeves previously confirmed that, for “a limited period of time,” the PSP-2000 will be getting a pricecut as the newer PSP-3000 is introduced into the market. During that time, the Slim model will be flying off shelves as a standalone SKU for EUR 169.

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