SNES9X v3.1 – automatically detects TV’s video mode

Nintendo's Wii console - Image 1Homebrew emulators are a good way to expand your library of games on any given console. It’s a good thing developer LoPsT was recently able to update the Wii homebrew emulator SNES9X, bumping up the latest version to 3.1. You can find out more about the new changes implemented since our previous coverage of SNES9X in the full article.

Download: SNES9X v3.1

Nintendo's Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) console - Image 1If you aren’t content with the selection of games found on the Virtual Console, you might want to try out developer LoPsT‘s latest homebrew SNES emulator for the Nintendo Wii platform. SNES9X v3.1 for the Wii supports many of the basic features from the open source emulator with the same name.

One of the biggest changes included in SNES9X v3.1 is perhaps the automatic detection of the video mode your console’s TV is running on. This definitely makes it easier to configure the best resolution to run your emulator on via it’s built-in video options.

Anyway, here’s the translated list of new changes included since our previous coverage of SNES9X:

  • Support for commanders Game Cube
  • Automatically detects the video mode of the TV (PAL60, 480p)

For additional instructions on how to properly install the emulator into your console, please read the documentation included in the downloadable file bundle. You can also view the different controls through the readme.txt file.

Download: SNES9X v3.1

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