Star Ocean: First Departure update: character, system, battle, and special

The Star Ocean First Departure logo - Image 1If you’ve been waiting for updates regarding the Star Ocean: First Departure website, then wait no longer: Square Enix has thrown in additional content in the form of a new character, new systems, new skills, and new special stuff.

Check out the new updates after the jump!

Milly Ratix and Dorn squaring off in Star Ocean First Departure - Image 1 

Remember the unnamed kawaii lass in the Star Ocean: First Departure screenshots that we reported about last time? Square Enix has now given her a name and she, along with other new updates may now be found on Square Enix’s official Star Ocean: First Departure website.

The list of new additions to the Star Ocean: First Departure website are as follows:

  • Welch Vineyard: This bright-eyed gal is the newest addition to the Star Ocean party.
  • Arena System: Star Ocean characters can sign up to participate in one-on-one battles.
  • Extras: Square Enix has thrown in a lot of extra stuff, including movie and voice galleries.
  • Killer Shot: This looks like a death blow or finishing move for your character.
  • Skill Level: The damage and effectiveness of skills like Killer Shots depends on this.
  • Special: Wallpapers and other goodies are available for download.

While the Star Ocean: First Departure website is in Japanese, Square Enix has placed convenient “new” markers to tell you exactly where to look. As nifty as all these new updates are, though, it would be even better if Square Enix were to bring Star Ocean: First Departure internationally.

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