Teenager arrested for stealing virtual furniture in Habbo Hotel

Habbo Hotel - Image 1Virtual item stealing isn’t limited to only uber-powered weapons and equipment in MMORPGs. A group of teenagers were charged for stealing virtual furniture in Habbo Hotel, which amounts to 4,000 Euros or about US$ 5,800. Yes, forget about the fancy-shmancy blades and armor, because stealing furniture is in. Read on to find out more.

Pool's Closed - Image 1Do you think that virtual stealing is limited only to MMORPGs, where powerful items and weapons are regarded as extreme valuables? Think again. A Dutch teenager was arrested recently for stealing virtual furniture in Sulake’s virtual networking site Habbo Hotel. Yes, it’s not uber-powerful blades that are being snatched nowadays. Stealing furniture is IN.

The teenager, who remains anonymous, is charged with stealing Habbo Hotel furniture worth 4,000 Euros (about US$ 5,800). Aside from the accused, five other teenagers were also suspected of moving the stolen furniture into their own Habbo rooms, and were already questioned by the police for the virtual theft.

The teenagers were accused of using the phishing method in order to lure and trick other Habbo Hotel users into giving their usernames and passwords, which were then used to infiltrate their accounts and take away all their furniture.


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