TetriAbetes v1.43

TetriAbetes - Image 1If you want more of TetriAbetes, then you’re in luck, as Sony PlayStation Portable homebrew developer has just released its latest version, and this one promises to be a more bug-free experience than the last. From changes in the wallkick system to an upping of the score ceiling, this update is definitely beneficial to your daily recommended diet of Tetris action. All details after the jump.

Download: TetriAbetes v1.43
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TetriAbetes - Image 1 

If you’ve just started on TetriAbetes, Sony PlayStation Portable homebrew developer dragula96‘s rendition of Tetris, then you’d probably have noticed some bugs during gameplay. Prompt as always, dragula96 has rolled out a new version of the homebrew game that focuses on taking care of those bugs, as well as raising the game’s score ceiling.

Here’s what changed from the last version of TetriAbetes:

1.43 Changes – 3/11/2008

  • Added Levels 11-20
  • Wall-Kick has been modified, it now only works when against a wall
  • I Beam wall kick has been disabled to prevent a bug from happening.
  • Fixed Memory Leak where if score went past 99,999 the game would not function properly(now player can score much higher!)

Definitely quite the changelog. Here’s hoping for more updates from developer dragula96. How about an option to make gameplay a bit more fresh (like disappearing blocks)? As always, be sure to peruse the readme bundled in the archive if you have any questions regarding installation and homebrew. Enjoy!

Download: TetriAbetes v1.43
Visit: QJ.NET’s PSP Development Forums

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