Warhammer Online: the great war that led to the Age of Reckoning

Backstory of Warhammer Online: The Age of Reckoning - Image 1Like any great MMO, Warhammer Online has an epic storyline roiling behind its digital framework. In WAR, it is the eternal battle between good and evil, order and chaos. If you ever wondered why the current epoch in WAR is called the Age of Reckoning, read the game’s backstory in the full article.

Backstory of Warhammer Online: The Age of Reckoning - Image 1 

The world of Warhammer Online is made of six great armies, divided evenly into the forces of Order and Chaos. For the forces of order, there are the Dwarfs, the Empire and the High Elves. For the forces of destruction, there are the Greenskins, Chaos, and the Dark Elves.

In the period before the actual story of the game, there was a relative balance in WAR. Each race occupied their own lands. However, this all changed when the Chaos God Tzeentch found himself a new champion.

Hearing of this, the Witch King of the Dark Elves saw his opportunity to conquer the whole of the lands of Ulthuan, which they shared with the High Elves. He seized this chance and plotted against all the races of Order.

He knew that Tzeentch will want to conquer the Empire, and that the Empire is currently weak from a plague. The Empire would have no choice but to ask for help from the Dwarfs, and if they could not, it would have to turn to the High Elves.

With this in mind, he deviously employed the power of the Greenskin army and sent them against the Dwarfs. When Tzeentch attacked, the humans had no choice but to turn to the High Elves for help because the Dwarfs could not spare their army.

When the High Elves dispatched their troops to aid the Empire, this is when the Witch King struck. He invaded the land of the High Elves while their army was divided to help the humans against Tzeentch.

It was then a bleak time for the armies of Order. To counter the threat of destruction, the Empire, the Dwarfs and the High Elves convened and decided to combine their strength to repel their enemies. Here starts the Age of Reckoning in Warhammer Online.

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