We Love Golf demonstration trailer

We Love Golf by Capcom - Image 1Ever wondered how exactly will Capcom simulate actual golf through We Love Golf on the Nintendo Wii? Push those doubts aside, because this demonstration video should convince you that there’s no need for clubs and lengthy walking to play authentic golf nowadays.

Find out how to play We Love Golf by heading over to the full article!

Japan loves golf, and we can already imagine the look on Japanese gamers when they try out Capcom and Camelot’s We Love Golf for the Nintendo Wii. If you want to see a cool Japanese guy really getting into whacking golf balls, this demonstration trailer should be more than satisfactory.

Thanks to the Wii’s motion-sensing capabilities, golf in the comforts of your living room is now possible. Or at least, you can actually do all kinds of swings and We Love Golf will recognize it. The video below shows how the game works, and how your skill can be given justice. Don’t forget to use that strap when swinging!

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