XBL crashes again, no Undertow freebie

XBL crashes again, no Undertow freebie  - Image 1We recently reported that Undertow would be a free downloadable for the Xbox Live Arcade as compensation for all those downtimes that occured during the past holidays. Apparently, however, the release of the freebie was plagued with additional Live crashes.

A system message appears notifying users that won’t let them get their hands on the game. Details in the full article.

XBL crashes again, no Undertow freebie  - Image 1

For all the downtimes that the Xbox Live has had, Microsoft‘s Marc Whitten wrote a letter informing players will be treated to Chair Entertainment‘s Undertow , which will be a free downloadable game from the Xbox Live Arcade. It was scheduled to be downloaded by people today, but Xbox Live appears to be having problems once again.

For some folks, that can only mean one thing: no freebie today, it seems.

A system message keeps on popping up, telling people that they can’t access Xbox Live. The message says that the system “can’t retrieve information from Xbox LIVE. Please try again later.” Also, a status code of 8015000a is included in the message.

This is certainly ironic, seeing as Undertow was meant as a way to alleviate all the pains gamers had to endure during the Xbox Live downtime. We’ll be keeping you posted with more up-to-date information regarding this matter.

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