Xbox Live brings Jade Empire to Xbox Originals next week

Jade Empire boxart - Image 1Xbox Originals has finally done it. After keeping mum for the good half of the year despite persistent rumors that Bioware‘s Jade Empire will be arriving on XBL, confirmation’s finally here. And an official date to boot. Scoot over to full article for more details.

Jade Empire coming to Xbox Live - Image 1This certainly took a long time coming but aren’t you glad it’s now here? Yes, ladies and gents. The rumor that circulated the webs some six months ago regarding Jade Empire coming to Xbox Live has finally, finally been confirmed.

Finally showing itself over at, BioWare‘s Jade Empire is revealed to be arriving on Xbox Originals on July 21, 2008. It’s up for a worldwide release, and it’ll cost you a good 1200 Microsoft Points. But hey, considering that this title’s gotten almost perfect score reviews, then we’re pretty sure it’ll be worth every buck.

To brush you up (in case you need it) on Jade Empire before it does hit your mighty green console, it’s an RPG that immerses you in a land of epic Martial Arts action and mystical powers. Here, you travel the world to face powerful human and supernatural foes. If you’ve always dreamt of getting to do those cool kickass Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon moves, then here’s your virtual chance!

Anyway, having this game appear on Xbox Live sure makes us wonder if a next-gen sequel can possibly be in the works in the future. I mean, it can’t be that farfetched, right? If you remember, there were some buzz going around sometime December last year that Jade Empire 2 is a go, although there was no word as to whether or not it’ll go next-gen. But then we didn’t hear any more on it after.

But you’d also have to consider that it was only some several months ago that Bioware and Pandemic was successfully acquired by Electronic Arts. And by all means, EA does have the inclination to reproduce BioWare’s and Pandemic’s titles for the next-gen. So maybe an Xbox 360 Jade Empire sequel is possible after all, and this Xbox Originals is just a teaser of more great things to come for this franchise.

But that’s just all hocus-pocus for us right now. Wishful thinking, yes. But we’re sure to update you if we do catch a whiff of anything pertaining to this.

So there. Remember, mark that date. July 21, 2008. Jade Empire on Xbox Live.

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