7-Eleven to play by the rules: no more early game sales

7-Eleven - Image 17-Eleven seems bent on turning over a new leaf as they prepare to break through the game-selling business officially. And that means abiding by the laws set up to regulate this enterprise. Yes, even curbing the early sale of games. Details after the jump.

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It used to be that 7-Eleven was a viable alternative for retail stores when it comes to early copies of your favorite games. However, the 24/7 convenience store is now trying to present a new image, following the wake of their announcement that they are now going to be a regular supplier of videogames.

With this new business path, they cannot obviously keep on with their usual practice of breaking street dates for the games. Says spokesperson Margaret Chabris,

[We need] to comply with industry standards. Not only do we council them [infringing stores] but right now we’re working with our legal department to develop a policy that we’re going to be sharing with our franchisees at our stores saying there would be repercussions if they didn’t comply.

And they should comply if they want to stay in the business long. Considering that 7-Eleven has a given advantage over other retail shops, thanks to the all-nighter nature of their enterprise, it would be unfortunate if they lose their foothold in this market simply because they were cocky enough to break the rules even before they learned to know them fully.

There’s no word yet as to when this new game-selling policy takes place for the store, but we bet they’re rushing to get it down pat ASAP especially since there’s a whole slew of Holiday debutantes this year. They’d want to start their new business and new year right.

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