Accidental psyche out: MotorStorm listing for PSP was a mistake

SCEE - MotorStorm PSP listing a mistake - Image 1Psyche? Remember that rumor that MotorStorm will be released on the PSP? Yeah, not gonna happen. The game listing that appeared on GAME’s online store was confirmed as an error. Sorry, gamers.

SCEE - MotorStorm PSP listing a mistake - Image 1Accidental psyche out! Remember that listing for a PSP version of MostorStorm that appeared on GAME’s website? Yeah, don’t expect the game to come out anytime soon.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has confirmed that the listing was a mistake, and that it will be pulled down shortly. Sorry, gamers.

Although, if Sony sees how disappointed fans are that MotorStorm really isn’t coming to the PSP, maybe they’ll actually consider making one in the future. That’d be sweet. At any rate, you can set your sights on MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, which will be released for the PlayStation 3 on October 28.

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