Acclaim Chief Creative Officer: E3 is broken and an embarrassment

Nintendo Wii video game news - Image 1Yet another one boards the “hate E3” wagon. David Perry, founder of Shiny Entertainment and chief creative officer at Acclaim, has called the event “broken,” “stupid,” and an “embarrassment.” More after the “read more” link.

Nintendo Wii video game news - Image 1Gamers aren’t the only ones who have gripes about E3 this year. Devs and executives have been expressing their disappointment with the event as well.

Industry analyst Michael Pachter even went so far as to say that the event is headed for extinction soon. Now another has boarded the “hate E3” wagon: David Perry, founder of Shiny Entertainment and now chief creative officer at Acclaim.

I’d summarize what he said for you, but I’d say his words are already pretty succinct:

If there aren’t dramatic changes to the format and staff, I’m never going again.

[…] The concept is broken, it’s expensive, messages are diluted, consumers are ignored (remembering that the future of this industry is direct connections with consumers – not retailers), the ticket policies are stupid, and if the entire industry worldwide doesn’t participate, it’s not real anyway.

I used to bring major investors to E3 to get them excited about our industry, which worked every time. Now it’s just an embarrassment. Thankfully we still have GDC to bring them to, if they want to see the talent, passion, and energy this industry has.

Ouchies. But he did vocalize what a lot of gamers are thinking, and props to him for that.

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