AgenaWorld v1.6: PSP homebrew space-shooter game

Solar System from NASA - Image 1Only a week since the last build, homebrew coder edepot is back again with more updates for AgenaWorld version 1.6, a space-shooter game for the Sony Playstation Portable. Version 1.6 dedicates itself more than anything to technical improvements for the space-shooter game For more details on the latest changes, head over the full article.
Download: AgenaWorld v1.6

AgenaWorld v1.6 for PSP - Image 1

Space is the final frontier, so they say. But not for Playstation Portable homebrew coder edepot and the latest release of AgenaWorld, upping it to version 1.6. The developer is tinkering with space again (with only his fingertips) after having just released the previous build last week. AgenaWorld version 1.6 dedicates itself more than anything to technical improvements for the space-shooter game.

edepot has recently discovered that the PSP Slim has 4 megabytes of video random access memory (the dev has only been using 2mb of vram). That’s why for this build, the coder doubled the display buffer of the homebrew for improved graphics especially when connected to a television.

The coder has also tagged Earth as the starting point (well, naturally, of course) of your voyage into space. Issues with reaching Earth when the PSP Slim is connected on a TV has also been addressed. Basically, you should be able to reach all places in the galaxy.

For more housecleaning, edepot also tidied up the source code and added proportional texts to make narrow and wide letters like i and w look good.

More goodies are planned for the next build. edepot wants to make it easy for Sony PSP gamers to place teleport gates on their own custom maps. The dev is also working to create files which will load all the map and gate info all at once.

edepot emphasizes that this release requires that you set up the game folder to run on the 3.x firmware and not on the 1.5 firmware. Also, check the readme first before doing anything. It should run fine for both the PSP Fat and Slim.

Download: AgenaWorld v1.6

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