Akop: fMSX update coming soon, really soon

Sony MSX - Image 1Emulators are awesome pieces of code, and uberjack‘s port of fMSX for the Sony PlayStation Portable is no exception. Now read what he has to say about the incoming updated version, as well as the status of the source code – and from the look of things, it’s going to be easier from here on out. The full details after the jump.

Metal Gear 2 on fMSX - Image 1

Enjoying Akop Karapetyan’s (AKA uberjack) port of the MSX emulator, fMSX, for the Sony PlayStation Portable? Then heads up as we have an update about the upcoming version that’s based on the emulator’s new build. Yes, the original developer of fMSX has updated the original PC-based version, and Akop’s definitely working on to make sure the improvements are ported over for our enjoyment. Yes!

Here’s the exact quote from Akop’s blog, taken as is:

As many of you may have noticed, fMSX has recently been updated to version 2.5. For us PSP folk, the importance of the release is mainly in its fix of sound playback when loading save states. This is a great fix, as I often saved two separate states when playing SD Snatcher, to prevent this sort of issue.

Good news, right? There’s more – the update of the source code now includes full Unix code, which makes porting fMSX an overall easier deal. Sweet. In any case, updates we get them, so watch this space for the impending release!

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