Alek’s Blog: On porting homebrew to 4.xx kernels

Alek's Blog: On porting old homebrew to 4.xx kernel - Image 1Following the recent blog post about porting 1.5 kernel homebrew to 3.xx kernels, we’ve got a new update on Alek’s Blog that focuses on porting your old homebrew to 4.xx kernels. Learn more after the jump!

Alek speaks on Porting your homebrew from 1.5 to 4.xx - Image 1There’s a new update over on Alek’s Blog at Dark AleX‘s website about porting your homebrew. This time though, the porting isn’t from 1.5 to 3.xx, but from 1.5 to 4.xx. There seems to be something new too, so homebrew coders out there might want to take a look.

The blog post outlines what you have to do to get your code running on 4.xx kernel. As Alek states in his blog though, “due to the poor changes from 3.xx to 4.00/4.01, you just need to keep on the prx format, AND the user mode on the pbp code.”

In any event, as our posting system sometimes borks the code text, we suggest you take a look at the actual blog post to know more. Expect more important updates when they happen, alright?

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