All about the PlayStation 3’s Error 80010514

All about the PlayStation 3's Error 80010514 - Image 1“An error occurred during the start operation. 80010514.” It came to our attention that a handful of PlayStation 3 owners are being greeted by the said error message while in the middle of playing a game. It is curious, however, that the error doesn’t appear when watching movies. Know more about the actual error after the jump!

All about the PlayStation 3's Error 80010514 - Image 1We don’t know if you’ve encountered an error on your Playstation 3 units lately but it seems that one is occurring rather more commonly these past few days.

The issue in question is simply known as “Error 80010514”. According to some, this error will first appear during the first months of the unit.

Sony‘s customer support explained that the error is not common so a simple reset of the PlayStation 3 system will do the trick. While that made the unit to work again, it seems that the console is still prone to the same error.

According to our source, this problem might have been brought about by any of the following:

That’s about it for this update. If you want to get some tips on how to prevent this from happening, you can refer to the link below. It leads to, which recently had its 60GB PS3 unit serviced by Sony due to the above-mentioned error.

Via GameRevolver

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