Alone in the Dark PS3 delayed due to framerate issues

Alone in the Dark - Image 1Feeling bummed out about the long wait for Alone in the Dark to hit the PS3? Nour Polloni, the game’s producer, recently revealed that the delay is due to framerate issues. Don’t worry too much, though, since Polloni also said that the PS3 version will be well worth the wait. More from Polloni in the full article.

Alone in the Dark - Image 1Framerate issues. That’s pretty much what is keeping the PlayStation 3 version of Atari‘s Alone in the Dark from being released alongside the PlayStation 2, Wii, Windows, and Xbox 360 versions.

Producer Nour Polloni was candid enough to say that even though they already have the full game running on the PS3, the game’s performance is still hampered by framerate issues.

“We didnÂ’t want it to come out and have less of an experience for the PS3 gamer,” said Polloni. “We wanted to tweak that up and make sure they get the best experience on PS3 as much as possible.”

She further added that although delays are tough, PS3 owners will find the game to be well worth the wait. Polloni also reiterated that while a firm release date has yet to be set, the game’s PS3 version will be coming out this year.

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