Android ported to iPhone 3G

iandroidwinEver since they got Android running on the iPhone 2G – it had all been a matter of time until they managed to successfully make a port to the 3G iPhone. David Wang has done it again it seems – but the port to the 3G is a little more rough around the edges. Find all the juicy bits after the jump!


Software hacker David Wang has managed to port Android to the iPhone once more! What all started as managing to run Linux with a minimal shell on our favorite iDevice ended up into a major project everybody wants a part of. Due to differences in hardware it seems that audio support was lost on the 3G iPhone port but all networking capability works.




All apps run if they don’t necessarily rely audio capabilities (i.e they’ll launch but won’t output any audio). He states that text messaging and internet browsing works perfectly – even multitouch. If this isn’t enough to convince you – then this video must speak volumes!


David Wang says that he’ll release binaries soon enough so that everybody can try it out themselves. As for those who want to find out how he dual-booted his iPhone, you can look around for a copy of openiBoot and try dual booting yourselves.


More on this interesting development as it comes to us!


[Via Linux on the iPhone]







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