Announcing NCSoft’s Guild Wars: Eye of the North Christmas promo

Announcing the Eye of the North holiday promo - Image 1NCSoft is sending an early season’s greetings to the players, as they announce their upcoming Guild Wars holiday promo. This promo will entitle purchasers of the Guild Wars: Eye of the North expansion to hefty discounts for any other Guild Wars expansion packs they choose. Full promo details are available in the full article.

Guild Wars: Eye of the North holiday promo - Image 1 

If you’re planning to pick up Guild Wars: Eye of the North for this Christmas season, we’ve got some good news. NCsoft is sending out word that starting this November 15, those who pick up the said expansion pack will be entitled to a 50 percent discount when they purchase other campaigns (Guild Wars, Factions, or Nightfall).

The offer is limited to those who make their purchase via Guild Wars‘ in-game store, or Also keep in mind that the promo is limited to just one campaign per account. You don’t have to purchase the extra discounted campaign at the same time you purchase Eye of the North, although you’ll want to decide by December 31 (Noon Pacific time), when the promo ends.

Via Official Guild Wars site

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