Apple airs new iPhone Facebook TV spot

Apple iPhone - Image 1The iPhone has proven itself to be immensely popular since its launch, but Apple is not yet content with its success. Aiming to hook the younger set into the iPhone mania, Apple has recently aired a new TV spot focusing on a popular social networking site, Facebook. Check out Apple’s Facebook widget in action in the full article!

Still relentless after it proved the high levels of popularity of its ground-breaking mobile, the iPhone, Apple has started peddling its phone toward another lucrative market: the teenagers. Just recently, a new iPhone TV spot started airing, focusing on its rather well-made widget for the Facebook social networking site.

Yes, many youngsters – as well as college-level students – are addicted to Facebook, so much that they always check Facebook whenever a computer becomes accessible. So when faced with a chance to check out Facebook all the time with the iPhone…it’s going to make the Apple’s first mobile very much appealing, to say the least.

Do check out the video to see the iPhone’s Facebook application in action!

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