Apple’s mini disc adapter offers solution to slot loading drive disc issue

Apple logo - Image 1Traditionally, software is shipped in 12-centimeter CDs or DVDs. Although existing applications doesn’t really require much storage space, not much progress has been made to address the shipping cost issues of traditional sized discs used in slot-loading optical drives. Apple iPod Chief Tony Faddell has recently announced their efforts to address this by developing a mini disc adapter that will be “compactable and collapsible.”

8 cm compact discs and 12 cm discs - Image 1iPod boss Tony Faddell has recently announced that Apple just came up with a solution to cut present software shipping costs: a newly filed patent that will possibly shrink disc sizes to effectively cut export costs.

Traditionally, existing CD and DVD media storage devices measures a standard 12 cm in size even though most applications doesn’t require that much data space. Apple realizes this loop hole and builds around the fact that present software can fit in smaller, 8cm CDs.

Under Apple’s “Compact Memory Disc Adapter and Methods of Use Thereof” patent, these smaller 8cm discs can still be accommodated by standard CD and DVD drives. These new packages that the company plans to ship will fit around the smaller, 8cm discs edges; effectively making it compatible with other drives. As to if the package will be made manual or automatic is still being decided upon by Apple.

Aside from manufacturing costs, shipping costs will also be reduced since the 8cm discs will take up less space while in transit which means more discs can be transported in the same amount of trips.

As to when this revolutionary technology will be made available, keep it here for future updates.

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