Band Mashups gameplay video: Feel Good

Band Mashups gameplay video: Feel Good - Image 1For those curious about the Nintendo Wii game Band Mashups from THQ, here’s a gameplay video for it that will give you a better idea about how it looks like and feels out. Unlike most rhythm-based games, it incorporates combat into gameplay. To see how this works, just click the “read more” link below.

Here’s a gameplay video for the Nintendo Wii exclusive Band Mashups from THQ. The title was just recently announced and there are rumors stating that the game will be renamed to Battle of the Bands.

Anyway, we believe that either title is appropriate as the game has players battling for music supremacy across five genres (rock, funk/hip hop, country, marching band, and Latin). The title will feature a total of 150 tracks and 70 “musical weapons”.

Unlike most rhythm-based games out there, Band Mashups cleverly incorporates combat into gameplay. As THQ once mentioned, players of this game will go up against sniper violin players and flamethrower guitarists among others.

To get to know the game better, watch the video below. Enjoy!

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