Basilisk II PSP Port test release 2 (07/05/2008)

Basilisk II PSP Port test release 2 (07/05/2008) - Image 1 Developer J.F. recently released the test build if a new Basilisk II emulator for the Sony PSP. Wondering what the app’s current build is capable of doing for now? Details are available over in the full article.

Download:Basilisk II PSP Port test release 2 (07/05/2008)

Basilisk II PSP Port  test release 2 (07/05/2008) - Image 1Developer J.F. has recently announced the release of a test build of a new Basilisk II port for the Sony PSP. Basilisk II, in case you’re asking, is an Mac open source emulator that enables you to emulate the 680×0-based Apple Macintosh computer on your handheld.

J.F. stresses that this is strictly a test release, and is specifically made for user feedback and to test the emulator’s GUI. The app is currently capable of booting 8.0 CD, and creating and selecting hardfiles.

Those interested in giving this emulator a try will want to access the download link below, though once again, we remind readers that this app is strictly for test purposes only. Those interested in contacting J.F. to provide their feedback can do so via the source link below. In the meantime, here are the rest of the developer’s notes for this release:

  • Ignore the crappy refresh routines – I’ll be replacing them entirely in the next few days. I just used enough of a stretch blit to be able to see something to be certain the emu is running.
  • Currently, the analog stick is the mouse, with LTRIGGER/RTRIGGER as the buttons. The d-pad is the cursor keys, and X is ENTER. I’ll eventually have denzef keyboard and pspirkeyb support, as well as the ability to remap the buttons when in that mode. As I mentioned, this is just a test.
  • You can create and select hardfiles. Boots from hardfile fine, will ask to format blank hardfiles (the ones you create in the GUI).
  • You can select a floppy at the start. Boots from it fine. The next step is to make add the ability to change the floppy and cd while in B2. Press SELECT to see the change menu… it doesn’t do anything other than show the first cd and floppy in their respective folders right now. Press SEL again to leave the menu.
  • The default directory for roms is “roms”, the default dir for floppys is “disks” (and floppies should all have an extension of .dsk), the default dir for cdroms is “cdroms”, and hardfiles is “hardfiles”. It doesn’t mean they HAVE to be in those directories, but that is where the file requester will go first.
  • I allow three Mac resolutions – 512×384, 640×480, and 768×576. You can select four different depths – 4bit, 8bit, 16bit, and 32bit. At the moment, the video is also hardcoded to only display on the LCD. I’ll change that when I change the refresh routines.
  • The binary here is currently set for small memory so I could check how it would work on a phat – you can get up to 16M on a phat and 44M on the slim (not with this build – with a build set for large memory).

Download: Basilisk II PSP Port  test release 2 (07/05/2008)


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