Battalion Wars 2 now out in the U.S.

Battalion Wars 2 - Image 1 Nintendo’s first-party Wii title Battalion Wars 2 is now available in retail stores across the U.S. This sequel to the GameCube original Battalion Wars adds new features such as online multiplayer through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The Wii’s Wiimote-and-Nunchuk controller combo also makes it easier for players to take control of their units as they blaze through the single-player missions and the game’s multiplayer modes. Read more about it at the full article.

Battalion Wars 2 - Image 1Nintendo has sent out a reminder telling tactical gaming fans that Battalion Wars 2 is now available in the U.S. This new first-party title lets players take complete command of soldiers and vehicles in over 20 single-player missions.

Players get access to a variety of vehicles, from tanks and helicopter gunships to battleships and submarines. All this firepower will be useless if the player doesn’t use his head, however. Says Nintendo of America senior VP or marketing and communications George Harrison:

Battalion Wars 2 promotes smarts over brute force. Players are in complete control of what happens to them – and to their battalion – using the precision of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk.

The Wii’s Wiimote and Nunchuk controllers lets players target enemies precisely while moving their characters through the field of battle. Battalion Wars 2 also supports online multiplayer using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

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