Battle Star 0.2 – added new sounds and effects, first stage done

Sony's PlayStation Portable handheld - Image 1As a personal fan of old-school games, side-scrolling shooters such as Kingromain‘s Battle Star homebrew game for the PlayStation Portable will never go out of style. The developer has recently released a new version with Battle Star 0.2, and has included several neat updates to the game. For more information, check out the full article after the jump!

Download: Battle Star 0.2

Screenshots of Kingromain's PSP homebrew game Battle Star - Image 1 Screenshots of Kingromain's PSP homebrew game Battle Star - Image 2 

As side-scrolling shooters go, homebrew developer Kingromain did a pretty good job with the Battle Star Demo that was released a month ago for the PlayStation Portable. After working on the game, Kingromain is happy to announce that the latest version of Battle Star is now available for download.

This newest version features a couple of new additions, which is shaping up Battle Star into becoming an addicting challenge for those of you who enjoy these kinds of game. The developer mentions that the first stage of the game is now complete and promises to work on additional stages in future updates for the game.

Here’s the complete changelog for the latest version of the game since our previous coverage:


  • The game has now sounds when the vessel fired or explode
  • The effects were added when you kill the boss
  • The bump-shooting blue balls does more damage
  • There is more to the possibility of increasing their lives or to bring down with R or L
  • The game now has a pause with start

Since the game was coded using Lua, don’t forget to drop the game into its appropriate homebrew folders. In any case, you can download the game through the link we’ve provided below. Enjoy!

Download: Battle Star 0.2

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