BBC iPlayer on PS3 now official and running

BBC iPlayer - Image 1It’s now official – the BBC iPlayer is now up and running. Now you can work those vids through the official site and in full screen. Some users were having trouble just a few hours ago, but BBC iPlayer guys fixed it up, and now it’s up and running.

BBC iPlayer - Image 1

During the first few hours of release, some users were having trouble getting BBC iPlayer to work. But thanks to the BBC iPlayer guys, it’s now up and running. Now you can catch and watch all those vids on BBC through your PS3 without hassle.

Some of the highlights they have right now is an exposé on British Asians taken to Pakistan to be married against their will. On a lighter note, BBC takes a look at the lives of the filthy rich and famous through the eyes of their closest friends and family.

Of course, you can watch all that through your PC. But it’s just plain cool if you watch it through your PS3. Now that I think about it, I like trying to run all sorts of stuff on the PS3. Let’s face it, if you paid all that for the PS3’s multimedia and entertainment capabilities, so it’s only fitting that you use all the features that it can offer.

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