Berger on TT Games acquisition, future plans

Lego Batman - Image 1So how’s life after striking a GBP 100 million (US$206 million) acquisition deal with Warner Bros? Warner Bros. UK president Josh Berger sheds light on this question, as he relates how Warner Bros. acquired Traveler’s Tales Games without any restructuring, future plans, and the reasons why they acquired the small yet talented studio.

Josh Berger - Image 1After acquiring Traveler’s Tales Games, Warner Bros. expressed their intent on keeping the studio intact, without any changes or restructuring aside from the studio acquisition. Said Josh Berger, Warner Bros. UK president,

“It’s definitely going to be kept as it is for now. We went up there a couple of days ago, saw everybody and welcomed them to the Warner family, and told them quite clearly that they’ve got a good formula for great success, and we’re not ones for going in and changing all that around.”

Aside from keeping their happy employees intact, Berger also said that Traveler’s Tales is already working on new games, but did not supply any details about the said titles.

When asked why they decided to strike a deal with Traveler’s Tales, Berger mentioned the game studio’s merits and achievements, particularly their success in the Lego video game franchise. “I think it was one of their crowning achievements, no question,” he said.

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