Best Buy Canada: 40GB PS3 bundle with two free Tom Clancy titles

Best Buy Canada: 40GB PS3 bundle with two free Tom Clancy titles - Image 1Here’s a little something for the guys still looking for a good PlayStation 3 deal. Best Buy Canada has recently announced that they will be selling their 40 GB PS3 bundles along with free copies of GRAW2 and Rainbow Six Vegas. Details regarding this promo are available in the full article.

Best Buy Canada: 40GB PS3 Bundle with two free Tom Clancy games - Image 1 

If you happen to live in the territories of Canada – and are an avid fan of Tom Clancy’s shooters – then  you may want to take a look at this promo that Best Buy recently rolled out. The retailer is offering buyers a 40 GB PlayStation with copies of Rainbow Six Vegas, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2, and the Spider-Man 3 Blu-ray Movie for a sum of just US$ 399.99.

Given that the stated price is just the bundle plus the movie, it amounts to you walking away with two free games; Each titles costs US$ 39.99 on their own. The advert further notes that this bundle is available in most Best Buy store branches – you may want to check with your local store just to be sure.

Thats said, we do note that the timing of this promo is rather intriguing, given that there are talks Best Buy might be planning to discontinue the 80GB PS3 line. We’ll leave that thought in the back burner for the time being  – those interested in taking advantage if this current promo will want to visit Best Buy’s Canadian site via the source link for full details.

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