Bill Gates: Online will be Xbox 360’s breaktrough in Japan

Bill Gates - Online will be Xbox 360's breaktrough in Japan - Image 1Microsoft‘s next-gen console might have a bright future in Japan, according to Bill Gates. Though it might have failed to take the lead against its competitors in Japan, the online service might be able to kickstart changes in the region. Details after the jump!

Bill Gates - Online will be Xbox 360's breaktrough in Japan - Image 1Sony‘s PlayStation 3 and PSP and Nintendo’s Wii and DS are the things that have been raking in popularity in terms of sales. How about the standing of the Xbox 360 in Japan?

Well, the company behind the console is definitely working hard to make things better. First up, they are planning to release more Xbox 360 games in the region to attract more gamers. The next reason… well, we’ll leave that to Bill Gates.

When he visited Japan, he gave out an interesting remark regarding the future of the console. He said:

Product share varies from country to country. In the US and the UK, the share [of Xbox 360] is high, but besides Japan, there are other areas we haven’t penetrated. From now on, I think the breakthrough’s going to be the online service, and you’ll be surprised if you look at that.

Well, we have to give it to Gates. He gave out hopeful and strong words. Will this hold true and become a reality in the near future? Who knows? We’ll keep you guys updated regarding the console’s state in Japan.

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