Bling, bling, bling: 24-carat gold iPhone on the loose

iPhone - Image 1We have here another extravagant and unnecessary creation by the dirty-rich that be: the 24-carat gold iPhone. Take note, it’s not just plated in gold, it’s actually solid gold. Check it out after the jump.

Now this is bling:

Gold iPhone - Image 1 

See that? That’s no mere gold-plated iPhone. That’s an honest to goodness, all-around solid gold iPhone. With diamonds for the logo to boot. This iPhone dipped in 24-carat gold is coming out for its sale sometime in mid-October for a yet-unnamed price. I’m getting ready to take out my chocolate gold coins as we speak (or as I type) to try and barter for it.

Gold chocolate coins - Image 1
I pay you with this, yes?

Goldstriker International, the company who thought of this brilliant idea, couldn’t have thought of this at a better time, say, like, you know, when banks aren’t closing down, and people aren’t getting kicked out of their jobs cos their employers can’t afford to keep them anymore.

But hey, it might be good for self-defense.

Via Gizmodo

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