Blueside working on three titles for XBLA, handhelds, new platforms

Blueside - Image 1Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom developer Blueside has revealed that it will be diversifying its projects, starting with a new XBLA title and a game for an as-yet-unnamed handheld platform. A new large-scale game similar to the developer’s earlier offerings is also in the works for next-gen platforms. The latest installment in the Kingdom Under Fire series will also be going multiplatform. Check the full article for details.

Blueside - Image 1

Kingdom Under Fire
developer Blueside is reportedly working on a new XBLA title as well as a game for an undetermined handheld. This is according to Gamasutra, who got the chance to talk to the developer during this year’s Gstar international game expo in Seoul.

Blueside CCO Henry Lee was coy when asked about the new handheld title. “Small games for a smallÂ… portable platform,” said Lee. “I can’t tell you which one!” Lee would not reveal anything about the XBLA title as well other than that Blueside is “on it.” Senior VP Seong D. Kim was equally secretive, revealing only that Blueside is working on three new games, one being a large-scale next-gen project.

The announcement of a new handheld title from Blueside indicates a diversification in the developer’s offerings. In the past, Blueside has tended to work on Microsoft platforms. Dee Lee, head of Blueside division 2 and manager of production and business development, further added that the company is “going multi-platform with Circle of Doom, so that users can play against each other on Games for Windows Live.”

Via Gamasutra

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