Bluetooth PSP/PS2/PS3 Headset mod

Bluetooth PSP/PS3/PS3 Headset mod - Image 1N3M3515 came up with an interesting PSP mod that enables users to use wireless voice chat on games like the SOCOM FTB franchise. The setup will also work on the PS2 and, interestingly enough, the PS3. Details are available in the full article.

Here’s an interesting project we picked up from N3M3515. The modder set up a how-to guide to enable the PSP to run voice chat wirelessly on games such as the SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo franchise. The same mod also enabled N3M3515 to run wireless voice chat on the PlayStation 2 – the game that was tested in the attempt is SOCOM: Combined Assault.

Interestingly, the mod also allows users to use the Bluetooth headset while running the same PS2 game on a PS3 (with backwards compatibility). N3M3515 explains that this is not normally possible as PS2 titles are not coded to use the PS3’s Bluetooth functionality.

Now, if you fancy trying to make this mod for yourself, you’ll need these components (click on the image to the right for a better view)Bluetooth PSP Headset Mod - Image 1:

  • PSP Remote
  • PSP Headset plug (4 Conductor)
  • Cardo BTA II Bluetooth Adapter
  • 2.5 mm Stero (3 conductor) Plug for PSP USB Box
  • USB Box from a PS3 headset
  • Bluetooth Headset

Those who think they’re up to following N3M3515’s mod attempt can find the full instructions via the source link.

Via Instructables

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