Bungie: next game to be “totally different”

Bungie: next game to be 'totally different' - Image 1If you thought Bungie Studios was just locked on to the Halo franchise alone, you may want to think again. After investors liberated Bungie from the grasp of Microsoft, the studio now has the liberty to develop games based on totally new IPs. And Bungie has just revealed in a recent podcast that they’ve got one already cooking, though it’s something that gamers might find different – seeing as it’s coming from Bungie. More at the full story.

Bungie: next game to be 'totally different' - Image 1

Bungie Studios‘ recent podcast revealed that the game development studio has another game in the works, and it’s a “totally different” offering one might expect from the creators of the Halo franchise. Brian Jarrard, the current head of franchise and community affairs, hinted that the new title is “pretty cool,” though they were really hush-hush about it.

“We can say… is sort of Bungie’s next game that isn’t Halo 3 expansion, DLC type stuff, this would be something totally different from Bungie,” said Jarrard, though details were never revealed as Bungie considered the project “far far too early” to expound on. But he says that will change soon and more juicy info would be unveiled “eventually.”

“It’s tough for us to really get into the stuff our listeners would love to hear about which is what we’re currently working on,” added Jarrard while speaking with content manager Frank O’Connor, lead designer Christian Allen, and writer Luke Smith. More on this as they come along.

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