Bungie updates: Ranked Big Team adjustments, new maps arriving soon

Logo of Bungie Studios' Halo 3 for Xbox 360 - Image 1Halo 3 players will definitely have their hands full with the newest set of updates from the developers at Bungie Studios. This week’s list of changes includes a lot of bug fixes and some adjustments made to the Ranked Big Team Battle’s party size. You can read the complete list of changes, as well as the other updates from Bungie in our full article.

Master Chief, main protagonist of Bungie's Halo 3 for Xbox 360 - Image 1It looks like Halo 3 players will get more than their fair share of updates this week as Bungie Studios developers are ramping up the game with its latest set of bug fixes and changes to the Matchmaking system.

One of the most notable changes included is the adjustment made to the Ranked Big Team Battle party size. This allows an eight man team to pair up against a team as small as six players. This is to help balance out the Ranked Experience gained by smaller teams, as well as speed up the Matchmaking process.

There were other good updates included in this week’s list of improvements. To help neatly wrap things up, here’s a breakdown of the changes and bug fixes that have been included:

  • Fixed map exploit on The Pit
  • Fixed map exploit on Construct
  • Fixed map exploit on Epitaph
  • Reduced Ranked Big Team Battle “Large party” size to six players and increased Big Team threshold to two
  • Fixed Spartan Laser occasionally falling through map on Sandtrap
  • Fixes to matchmaking to allow more even leveling for players
  • Disabled Mixed Skill restrictions for RBTB and Team Slayer

Bungie has also announced that its Legendary Map Pack will soon be making its way onto the Xbox Marketplace. To further sweeten the deal, a special DoubleXP weekend trend running from March to April will be held to help players increase the frequency of the Heroic Map Pack once it becomes free.

The DoubleXP weekend will be implemented again once the Legendary Map Pack goes live, so players should keep an eye out for it once there’s word when it will be released.

Finally, to top off this week’s batch of hot updates from Bungie, a video showing off an amusing bug found by Halo 3 player Strongside was revealed. It features an unfair spawn trap found in one of the multiplayer maps, which effectively kills off the Blue team on their spawning point as soon as they materialize.

You can watch the video of this glitch by following the link found on the source, accessible through the Via link below. Anyway, that’s it for this week’s set of updates from Bungie. We hope you come back to this spot for more news from the Halo 3 creators.

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