Burnout Paradise Xbox Live and PSN demo out by next week

Burnout Paradise demo date announced - Image 1As promised by Electronic Arts previously, the downloadable demo for Burnout Paradise almost ready for its expected release this December. The demo will be available for both the PS3’s PlayStation Network, and the Xbox 360’s Xbox Live service. More details on the date are available in the full article.

Burnout Paradise demo confirmed for next week - Image 1Remember the demo that Electronic Arts promised to release for their much-awaited Burnout Paradise smash-’em-up racer for the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3?

By way of a countdown indicator posted at EA Criterion’s official site, we’ve managed to confirm that the demo will be landing Thursday next week, December 13.

The developer did not specify whether the demo will be heading for PlayStation Network or Xbox Live first, although we note that the demo falls squarely on the same date as the weekly PSN update. At best, we’re looking at a simultaneous release.

All that’s left to do now is to mark our calendars for the appointed day, and put aside some cash for Burnout Paradise‘s release next year on January 22.

Via Criterion Games

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