Capcom reveals Monster Hunting Grip PSP peripheral

Monster Hunting Grip for Monster Hunter - Image 1Those who enjoy lengthy monster hunts and are anticipating Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G might want to look at Capcom‘s peripheral. The “Monster Hunting Grip” for the Sony PSP Slim will be made available during the title’s launch. If comfort during hours of hunting is what you want, check out the full article.

The Monster Hunting Grip - Image 1

Aside from giving away limited edition hairy straps, Capcom is also offering a very convenient “Monster Hunting Grip” accessory for the Sony PlayStation Portable. This PSP accessory is for fans who are going to indulge themselves in Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G‘s lengthy monster hunts.

As you see in the pictures, the add-on is all about having a comfortable experience of slaying all sorts of creatures. The grip comes with slots to keep the USB port open, easy access to the UMD tray, and stylish color decorated with the Monster Hunter guild crest. Most importantly, the grips are there to let you hold your Sony PSP with ease.

The Monster Hunting Grip is designed to hold the PSP Slim, and will hit stores with a 1,890 yen (US$ 18) price tag the same day as Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G‘s March 27 release in Japan. Lucky folks who can somehow place the game on pre-order are also going to receive a very amusing hairy strap.

Monster Hunting Grip - Image 1 Monster Hunting Grip - Image 2 Monster Hunting Grip - Image 3

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