Capcom to bring Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney to North America

Apollo Justice in action - Image 1Here’s news for all you courtroom drama DS-owning fans: Capcom will definitely release the latest installment in the Ace Attorney series, entitled Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, early next year. As you can tell by the title alone, the spotlight will be shining on a different (rookie) lawyer this time around.  Apollo Justice, however, isn’t the only new face in Capcom’s fourth installment of the series…

Find out what’s new about this Ace Attorney game after the jump!

Apollo Justice and friends - Image 1Capcom, developer and publisher of the Ace Attorney Series, has recently announced that Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is scheduled for release in North America in early 2008.  Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is Capcom’s fourth installment in the highly successful Ace Attorney series, as well as the first Ace Attorney installment that is not a port of a previous game for the Gameboy Advance.

The game will feature rookie defense attorney Apollo Justice, replacing Phoenix Wright as the main protagonist in the game. He may be new, but don’t “Wright” him off just yet. Capcom has given Attorney Justice the ability to discern if people are lying by studying their body language. On top of that, he has help in the person of his magician assistant, Trucy, his mentor, Kristoph Gavin and a familiar face from the first game in the series.

On top of the new characters, Capcom has also added a new “Crime Recreation Mode”  to Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. Simply put, this interesting feature will allow players recreate the actual crime that has been committed and uncover valuable clues to the case in the process.  

Stay tuned for more info on this title in future updates!

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